Creating Space Detroit

We plan to change the unused, overgrown parts of the Bagley (and surrounding) neighborhoods into safe, useable spaces for the residents of the area.  We will transform a local empty lot into a pocket park and from there, start working on convert the overgrown alleys into maintained and well-lit paths for bicycles and pedestrians.

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The best thing about Detroit is it's vast opportunity.  This is a unique time and place, where vision meets affordability. Our current focus is to convert a pair of adjacent empty lots into a community pocket park.  We have been maintaining the lots to date by keeping them trimmed and cleared of trash but we envision turning what was once an eyesore into a pleasant space for residents of all ages.The park would serve as a community gathering space -- for PLAY, EXPLORATION, and LEARNING -- even relaxation for adults! Creating Space Detroit believes that you shouldn't have to leave your neighborhood to have a safe place to gather.  

 Phase 2 projects include the conversion of the overgrown alley next to the new pocket park into additional useable space such as a bike path for children to play safely. We are also working to purchase and rehabilitate a blighted structure in the Bagley area to repurpose it into a neighborhood center where residents can reserve meeting room space, convene groups, and attend classes.
Threaded through each of our projects will be a strong element of art and design, an effort to use local resources, and a commitment to environmentally conscious practices.  We will draw from the community for its talent and plan to give back via employment and educational opportunities.


  • Victoria Sahami
    Boardmember and CEO
    Victoria has recently joined the Bagley community and is an Astronomer by education.  A lifelong environmentalist and educator, she is excited to help transform the neglected spaces of Bagley into new useable spaces. 
  • Samoy Smith
    Boardmember and CFO
    Samoy is a longtime Detroit resident, president of her Bagley block club, mother of young children, and educator.  She is eager to share her passion for childhood education and create new opportunities for the neighborhood residents through the proposed neighborhood center. (pictured here - Samoy unloads a donated Little Library for the park renovation!) 
  • Joe Marra
    Boardmember and COO
    Joe is a well known figure in Bagley and can often be found volunteering his time and skills to help clear empty lots and alleys. A "tree guy" by trade, Joe will direct our transformation projects bringing a lifetime of experience to each one.
  • Our first project

    This will be one of our first projects, to transform this space into a pleasant and welcoming neighborhood park.